The Long Way - Support for parents and families after the loss of a child

Our mission is to support parents whose child has died at any age and for any reason. Our support is open to all other family members too. At the same time, we support education of the lay and professional public in the field of caring for bereaved families.


Our help and support is free of charge. It is available at any time since the loss of a child. In the area of ​​lay aid, we provide coordinated support through volunteers - lay counselors - parents or siblings with their own life experience. In this manner, it is possible to share everything you areexperiencing with someone who has experienced and processed a similar situation and who still lives a meaningful and full life.

The task of lay counselors is to listen, empathize and share grief, to help understand the grief and bereavement of a child's death as a process with its phases and regularities, to advise on practical
matters. Our activity is based primarily on the mutual support of people with a similar life story and on the principle of lay aid.

At the same time, if necessary, we provide professional counseling for bereaved parents and loved ones, which we provide in a counseling center in Prague, or after agreement in cooperation with professionals throughout the Czech Republic. In the initial consultation, we will help you to formulate what kind and form of professional assistance would make your tough situation easier. The initial consultation can be carried out in person, by phone, in writing or by Skype.

Types of the most frequently used professional help: crisis intervention, counseling for bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents, psychological consultations or psychotherapy, spiritual support.

Contact for further information and provision of lay or professional support: Martina Hráská,

We also provide lay and professional bereavement counseling in English.



Today we remember

Michal Glöckner

Michal Glöckner

 14.06.1992  14.10.2017

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Filda Endlicher

 17.06.1990  14.06.2011


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